Our Expertise

Creating a diverse and inclusive environment can be challenging. Let us help you get there. Whether you are just getting started in your efforts or you are far along the inclusion spectrum, we can share our 20+ years of combined experience as part of a Fortune 500 company and working in diversity and inclusion to customize programs for you.  
Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias is an important part of diversity training. But you need to move beyond awareness to see true behavioral change.


We offer interactive workshops and webinars to help your employees experience their own biases and trigger "aha" moments that can lead to the transformation you are seeking.

Education & Training

Women's Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion or Unconscious Bias - we have a webinar or workshop to engage your employees in a learning experience that will motivate them to be the leaders you need in your organization.


Workshops and webinars can be customized to meet your specific goals and needs. 

Speaking Engagements

Our talks are both informative and inspirational. Through storytelling and bringing in current research, Our team is able to weave together a presentation that will motivate and reinvigorate your employees. 


Topics include Unconscious Bias, Women's Leadership, Mentors and Sponsors, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy, Transformational change in exec coaching, clinical trials from the patient viewpoint, rare disease caregivers, and parenting a special needs child.

Consulting & Leadership

Diversity and Inclusion can be difficult to master. But you don't have to jump into the deep water right away or alone.


Let us help you access your company's current position on the diversity and inclusion spectrum and determine next steps and your path forward. Together we will develop a strategy to increase employee engagement and innovation. 

We will work with you to become the type of leader who can produce change and build a company of inclusion.


The world changes every day. That is why it's important to keep up with the latest research. As experts in diversity, inclusion and leadership, we can bring you the latest data and help you decide how to apply that to your business. 

As researchers ourselves, we understand the complexities of an organization and can conduct customized research based on your needs.

Words are important. We all know of examples of when words have reflected either negatively or positively on a company. 

This is where we can help. As a professional writer for executives for the past 20+ years, Kim, along with our business partners, have a tremendous knack for capturing the voice and sentiment of the executive. Let us turn your thoughts into a riveting speech or presentation -- You -- only better.