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Why InclusiveTHINKING

With over 20 years of experience working for IBM, startups, and non-profits, Kim Stephens has the industry knowledge to appreciate that companies need to see the ROI of prioritizing diversity and inclusion among their business imperatives. Dr. Stephens takes the extensive research in these areas and demonstrates its relevance to your individual business – using examples that resonate with employees. Her unconscious bias training goes far beyond awareness to give participants actionable plans for change that they can implement right away. Dr. Stephens believes diversity and inclusion are about much more than just checking a box. It’s an opportunity for you to differentiate your business and create a culture of innovation, growth, and success.

InclusiveTHINKING Difference


The difference you will see with InclusiveThinking is that the instruction is applicable for any business and goes beyond diversity application -- to true inclusion. Dr. Stephens has experience working with IT companies, educational institutions, manufacturing, utilities, automotive, and many more. Her approach is to address the cognitive biases that are present in all of us -- the ones that keep us from opening up our thinking to new ways of thinking and the opportunities around us. Dr. Stephens has based her training on extensive research in academia, as well as her own experience working in the current business environment.

Client Testimonials


“The Inclusive Thinking Workshop provided deep insight into my 'current' thinking state and helped me establish a roadmap for my “desired” thinking state. I not only received tools that helped me become more open and inclusive, I also received techniques that would ensure that I maintained this “inclusive” state going forward (and help others to do so as well).”


“In today’s very challenging climate of race, gender, sexual orientation, economic bias and more, intentional workshops that help us become more inclusive are a corporate necessity.”


“At my utility, we deal with many different personalities, both inside and outside of the company. Introducing my management team to the Inclusive Thinking workshop was one of the best training opportunities we have ever gone through. It opened up our minds to how unconscious bias affects us on a daily basis and took us way outside of our thinking box. My managers are still talking about the workshop. Kim Stephens did an outstanding job, and we look forward to having her back.”

"Kim's understanding of and research on implicit bias is quite IMPRESSIVE! She is able to present complex concepts in an engaging and approachable way. Kim's passion for inclusion in the workplace is clear! She inspires her audience to look at diversity from a different perspective to create lasting change within their organizations. Kim is an expert in her field, and I would HIGHLY recommend her as a consultant, trainer, or coach to any organization seeking to imbibe richness into their culture through a more comprehensive approach to diversity & inclusion."

“I much enjoyed yesterday’s class. It got us all to thinking and also talking about something that most likely would have never come up in our normal day-to-day conversations. We were still discussing the class and our individual biases this morning at the office.”

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