About Us

Dr. Kim Stephens

Dr. Kim Stephens is the founder of InclusiveThinking. Her desire is to share the expertise she learned developing IBM's diversity & inclusion strategy with other companies. Kim feels her entire career and life experiences have led up to her branching out on her own to share her knowledge about diversity and inclusion with others. 


Kim was formerly the Global Diversity & Inclusion Communication and Education Lead for IBM. In this role, she developed and oversaw diversity learning programs to attract, retain and develop diverse talent. Kim developed and implemented the unconscious bias training used across IBM globally, translated into 10 languages and rolled out to 400K employees. In addition, she created the general diversity and inclusion education self-paced online module used by the entire company. Kim has spoken at conferences around the world and conducted workshops and webinars on unconscious bias, cultural awareness, women's leadership, accessibility, rare disease, and other topics.


Kim was also responsible for IBM's diversity and inclusion strategy and implementation of that strategy through Business Resource Groups, individual constituencies, internal communications, and externally through social media. Kim was the communications lead for the recently conducted Advancing Women at IBM Research Study and is the co-author of the study paper, Your Journey to Executive.


In her 20 years with IBM, Kim worked as a software engineer, accessibility advocate, technical writer, senior editor, senior communications manager and diversity leader. Kim spent 12 years in various global corporate communication roles in IBM. She has worked in executive, workforce, global delivery and HR communications. Kim worked a number of years in the IBM Accessibility Center and became a sought-after subject matter expert on Web accessibility. In this role, she spoke at conferences around the world on how to make Web pages accessible to people with disabilities.


Kim received her Doctorate of Business from Georgia State University. Her dissertation, 

Managing Implicit Bias with Transformational Conversation: A Qualitative Field Study of Social Identity Theory, adds to the latest research on implicit bias and explores the role of social identity in behavior change. Kim graduated from Clemson University with a Master of Arts degree in Communication and holds a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Tennessee. 

Business Partners

Dr. Jennoa Graham

Dr. Jennoa Graham, known as Dr. GNP (Dr. Graham-in-Purpose), is an international public speaker, author, professor, and adjunct executive team leader. Her 20-year career of combined multinational corporate accounting and consulting experience reflects core values of transparency, integrity, efficiency, and sustainability resulting in multi-million-dollar savings. As founder of Utilitarian Financial Consulting Corporation (UFCC), Dr. GNP provides advising, governance, and training services to promote business sustainability and generational longevity for companies of all sizes.


Dr. Alvin Glay


Dr. Alvin Glay is a marketing executive with over a decade of experience crafting and leading data-driven growth marketing strategies. Dr Glay is passionate about driving measurable results and has married his strong work ethic with a passion for continuing education. His data-driven approach to continuous personal growth was instilled at an early age in his native Liberia and has been critical to his success in America. He is a trailblazer in online marketing, with a passion for leveraging digital technology to drive marketing growth for firms. He has expertise in executing marketing strategies across multiple sectors: retail, travel, consumer packaged goods, education, nonprofit, telecom, consumer electronics, health, fitness, financial services, and beauty and fashion. 


Dr. Kristine Sickels

Dr. Kristine Sickels thrived as a corporate marketing executive for over 20 years, but recently saw a gap she felt needed to be addressed. When interacting with others in the marketplace, Kristine encountered so many amazing women with fantastic business ideas who are looking to grow their business and amplify their voice; yet many don’t feel they have the resources or advocates available to them to truly bring their vision to life. Kristine is passionate about investing in the future generation of women leaders and created Her Story to be the partner FOR you. Kristine is also a certified StoryBrand guide, which gives you confidence that your message will be clear and developed within a proven framework which has helped thousands of companies grow their sales.